John is a former BBC journalist and newspaper feature writer. Having won one RBS Press Award and 5/100ths of a BAFTA, he feels entitled to call himself “award-winning” while still keeping a straightish face.

With immaculate timing, John became a professional musician just a few months before every venue in the world shut down, and so has now finally found the time to do what he always meant to do in the first place and make up stories that don’t involve living people.

His first book, Inges, is a Jacobean Revenge Tragedy inspired by a 17th Century witch trial in Yorkshire involving a famous poet and a rather handsome cat.

You can buy it here.

His latest book, The Old Gods, is an original reimagining of a classic Norse legend in a tale of warriors, monsters, revenge and redemption – a kind of viking version of “The Lost World

You can find it here

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